Without the need for a poll or INEC, most of us will agree that the cocktails listed here are without a doubt the most requested drinks in bars across Nigeria

In order of popularity they are;

No 1. The Chapman

Unfortunately there is no one to credit for the invention of Nigeria’s most popular mocktail typically spiked with Vodka, the Jury is still out on where it was first made and who did it. This has not stopped Chapmans from rolling out of bars all over the country.



No 2. The Mojito

Sometimes pronounced MO-GIII-TO as opposed to Mo-hi-to, both refer to the same drink. We dont know why it is so popular maybe there is an exotic appeal to the floating mint leaves.




No 3. The Long Island Iced Tea

Every bartender in Nigeria has had to deal with this request when it comes to the LIT “make it stronger”. The average patron is not satisfied with the fact  that this drink already contains 5 spirits. So our advise to you is; if you are ordering a long island iced tea for the first time in Nigeria, ask for a soft landing and dial it up from there.




If we missed your favourite drink, please add it in the comments.


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