Getting bored with being a Lagos Uber driver plus all my licenses are expired and you know how long it takes to renew anything, I decide that my next meet people gig will be as a Barman.

Wonder why it took me to so long to get here, this is a profession that has all upsides. Alcohol…check, People …check, Tips… check, Music…check or so I thought, its so easy to glamorize, I mean all the bartenders on tv are cool.

I land my first gig and it’s at fashion week Lagos, it’s an open bar (not fun when you are behind one) and for an event that doesn’t start on end on time, means you are on your feet all day, it’s like being thrust into the deep end.

There’s nothing Lagosians, Nigerians, Human Beings love more than free drinks, add fashion aficionados to the mix and voila it’s a recipe for telemundo.

I start the night chirpy, remembering everyone’s previous orders, keeping lips wet, I even manage to overhear someone telling a story of his secret marriage breakup which he couldn’t reveal to anyone because Bella Naija weddings covered the engagement. However all the magazines and blogs have been asking for his wedding pictures which can’t materialize because the wedding didn’t hold.

You would think that people might be more amiable when the drinks are free but the reverse is the case, I guess free alcohol makes people even more demanding. We made some cocktails with beer like London Lush & Beeritos (A mojito topped with beer) and I got offered N3000 by a woman who just wanted some vodka. She wanted to drown all of her sorrows but beer, cider and cocktails together couldn’t deliver the goods.



Ended up standing for 9 hours straight and not taking a single drink but was totally engaged all night. People do appreciate a conversation with their drinks and love watching cocktails made, it was ACE (not the drink).


The Barmaid

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